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Watch Level 1 - Week 2 (Spotting)

Watch Level 1 - Week 2 (Spotting)

Level 1 - Week 2 (Spotting)

Journey To AcroYoga - Level One • 1m 8s

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    Welcome to Week Three, where the real magic happens in your AcroYoga journey. Now that you've mastered the fundamentals, it's time to weave them together into the final mesmerizing sequence. With our expert guidance, you'll blend the skills you've acquired seamlessly, creating beautiful transitio...

  • Level 1 - Week 3 (Spotting)

    Unleash a vital skill that's often overlooked but essential to the safety and growth of your practice. Our content on spotting in AcroYoga is your key to becoming a trusted partner in your acrobatic journey. Learn how to provide solid support and guidance, ensuring a secure environment for both t...

  • Level 1: Week 4

    Welcome to Week Four of your AcroYoga journey, where we dive into the world of beginner Flying Therapeutics. In this transformative week, you'll explore the art of healing touch, starting with the graceful Folded Leaf pose. Our expert guidance will teach you the essential techniques and the power...